Surah Munafikun (The Hypocrites) Background and It’s Message

Study the Meaning of “Hypocrite”

Surah Al-Munafiqun [63]-Al-Quran al-Kareem القرآن الكريم

It has 11 verses in total and contains 181 words in total along with 801 letters. The revelation period is almost 628 AD. 

Why it is called Surah Al Munafiqun?

The Surah takes its name from the sentence Idha jaa kal-munafiquna, Arabic Text is given below,

إِذَا جَاءكَ الْمُنَافِقُونَ قَالُوا نَشْهَدُ إِنَّكَ لَرَسُولُ اللَّهِ وَاللَّهُ يَعْلَمُ إِنَّكَ لَرَسُولُهُ وَاللَّهُ يَشْهَدُ إِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ لَكَاذِبُونَ ﴿١﴾

of stanza 1. This is the name of the Surah just as the title of its topic, for in it an audit has been made of the conduct and attitudes of the hypocrites.

So let us go a bit behind into the history of Islam to know the meanings of hypocrites and 

Time of Revelation

As we will clarify beneath this Surah was sent down either during the Holy Prophet’s arrival venture from his campaign against Bani al-Mustaliq, or following his appearance back at Madinah, and we have built up by contention and research in the Introduction to Surah A Nur that the battle against Bani al-Mustaliq had occurred in Sha’ban A. H. 6:Thus, the date of the disclosure of this Surah is accurate.

Recorded Background (Islamic Historical Overview)

Before we notice the specific occurrence about which this Surah was sent down, it is important to view the historical backdrop of the wolves in sheep’s clothing of Madinah, for the episode that happened on this event was no way occurring but rather had an entire arrangement of occasions behind it, which at last hinted at it.

Before the Holy Prophet’s migration to Madinah the clans of the Aus and the Khazraj, tired of their shared contentions and common wars, had nearly conceded to the administration of one man and were making arrangements to crown him their lord. This was Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Salul, the head of the Khazraj. Muhammad bin Ishaq has expressed that among the individuals of Khazraj his position was rarely challenged and never had the Aus and the Khazraj energized to one man before this. (Ibn Hisham, vol. II, p. 234)

Such were the conditions when the voice of Islam came to Madinah and the compelling individuals of both the clans began turning out to be Muslims. When before the Emigration, greeting was being stretched out to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to come to Madinah, Hazrat Abbas receptacle Ubadah bin Nadlah Ansari needed to concede this greeting for the explanation that Abdullah bin Ubayy additionally may participate in the statement of loyalty and greeting to the Holy Prophet, so that Madinah may turn into the focal point of Islam by basic assent. Be that as it may, the appointment that landed in Makkah to announce their devotion didn’t give any significance to the proposition of Abbas bin Ubadah, and all its individuals, who included 75 men from both the clans, got prepared to welcome the Holy Prophet even with each danger(lbn Hisham, vol. II, P. 89). We have given the subtleties of this occasion in the Introduction to Surah Al-Anfal.

At that point, when the Holy Prophet landed in Madinah, Islam had so profoundly infiltrated each place of the Ansar that Abdullah bin Ubayy got vulnerable and didn’t perceive some other method to spare his authority than to turn into a Muslim himself. In this way, he entered Islam alongside a considerable lot of his adherents from among the boss and pioneers of both the clans in spite of the fact that their hearts were igniting with rage from inside. Ibn Ubayy specifically was loaded up with pain, for the Holy Prophet (upon whom be Allah’s tranquility) had denied him of his majesty. For quite a long while his fraudulent confidence and anguish of being denied of his realm showed itself in various manners. From one viewpoint, when on Fridays the Holy Prophet (upon whom be Allah’s tranquility) sat down to convey the Sermon, Abdullah bin Ubayy would stand up and state “O individuals, the Messenger of Allah is available among you, by whom Allah has regarded you; along these lines, you should bolster him and tune in to what he says and obey him.” (Ibn Hisham, vol. III, p. 111). On the other side, his hypocritic role was being uncovered step by step and the Muslims were understanding that he and his adherents bore incredible vindictiveness against Islam, the Holy Prophet, and the Muslims.

After this, in private all wolves in sheep’s clothing assembled and there Abdullah canister Ubayy said it was all your flaw that you welcomed them and offered the safe house to them. Not just this, you imparted your properties to them. Presently bear the results. Presently they are turning into your opponents. By God, when we come back to Madina, the decent ones will drive the mean out from it. Sacred Prophet came to find out about this adage and plans. He counseled with his mates whereupon Umar bin Khattab said permit me to remove his neck or request Ansars they will slaughter him. However, the Prophet answered: “No, the individuals will say Muhammad SAW executes his own Companions.” So these were the conditions when this Surah was uncovered.

When the Holy Prophet was passing in transit Abdullah bin Ubayy addressed him in unforgiving words. At the point when the Holy Prophet whined of it to Hadrat Sa’d bin Ubadah; he said: “O Messenger of Allah, don’t be panic for him, for when Allah sent you to us we were making a diadem to crown him, and, by God, he imagines that you have denied him of his realm.” (Ibn Hisham vol: II, pp. 237-238)

So while concluding we can say that the message, meaning, and commentary of this surah is about unveiling the Munafikeen. And the Quran described them well. If you want a detailed study for the Surah, do read it again with a complete Tafseer. It is worth reading. May Allah bless us all. Aameen.