How Much The Repentance (Contrition) is Important In Deen e Islam

Repentance is one of the major things in Islam and has a very vital position in Deen. For the Muslims, it is a major gateway to correct themselves for the wrongdoings they commit in their lives, consciously or unconsciously. 

Our confidence here and there weakens and we become overpowered by our wants. The Shaytaan makes sin alluring to us, so we fall into things that Allah SWT has forbidden. Presently the inquiry isn’t whether you will sin since mistakes are in truth part of our inclination.

The Prophet SAW said: “By the One in Whose hand is my soul if you did not commit sin Allaah would do away with you and bring people who would commit sin then pray for forgiveness.” [Muslim]

Allah Almighty educates us: “O you who accept! Go to Allaah with true atonement”! [Quran, 66:8]

The idea of Tawbah is incredibly delightful and one of a kind in Islam. We don’t admit to any mediator; we go to our Creator straightforwardly.

Allah al-Ghaffar opened the door of apology to Himself and instructed us to go to Him. This is a stunning blend! The way that we can apologize whenever and the way that Allah gave us the information on the best way to atone is an extraordinary Rahmah (benevolence). Tawbah is a chance!

The Wise Thought Behind Repentance

Do you perceive this example? You submit wrongdoing and afterward you feel awful a while later, so terrible that your blame causes you to feel down thus low that you believe you can’t be excused—so why apologize?

In the event that you’ve accomplished something so off-base, you should be a horrible individual, isn’t that so? Wrong! There’s a significant distinction between being an awful individual and accomplishing something awful. Allah (SWT) allowed you to apologize and insha’Allaah your wrongdoing will even be changed into a decent deed! Isn’t that astonishing?

Perceiving your errors and sins, feeling embarrassed about disregarding Allah’s trust, and making the guarantee to Allah never to do it again are the three states of your apology being acknowledged. The most significant thing about Tawbah is that it doesn’t mean you plunk down feeling tragic and regretful, harping on your transgression. There are some conditions when someone adapts for repentance. It implies that at whatever point you sin, you get the opportunity to get back up and improve!

What Repentance Brings to YOU, it’s Blessings

Repentance Brings Achievement

In the event that you go on a way illegal by Allah (SWT), you decide to pass up Allah’s leniency, prizes, help, and assurance. Yet, right now that you genuinely apologize, you can be guaranteed of His assistance in your life.

Allah lets us know “… And ask Allah to pardon all of you, O devotees, that you might be fruitful.” [Surah A Noor, 31]

Instances of accomplishment are: riches, kids, and expanded profitability and favors, as Allah says in Surah Hud, ayah 52: “And O my kin! Solicit pardoning from your Lord and afterward apologize to Him, He will send you (from the sky) plentiful downpour, and add solidarity to your quality, so don’t dismiss as Mujrimoon (hoodlums, criminals, and so forth).” 

Contrition Wards you off Hardship

The more we sin, the more we can be denied of Allah’s endowments and the more preliminaries we may need to persevere. Tawbah can give us an exit from our difficulties throughout everyday life, as Allah says: “See they not excessively they are placed in preliminary on more than one occasion each year (with various types of catastrophes, illness, starvation)? However, they turn not in contrition, nor do they get familiar with an exercise (from it).”[Quran, 9:126]

Contrition Wins you Allah’s Affection

Do you realize that contrition would one say one is of the most adored demonstrations of love to Him? Allah says: … Truly, Allah adores the individuals who turn unto Him in apology and cherishes the individuals who sanitize themselves. [Quran, 2:222]

Tawbah cleans your heart. It causes you to feel lighter, similarly as the weight of transgression causes you to feel substantial. Simply state to yourself: who is there to prevent me from turning around to Allah?

Atonement Prompts Absolution!

Isn’t this what you needed? Would you be able to envision Allah pardoning every one of your transgressions? Do you think this is an inaccessible objective? The awards of atonement are the virtue of heart, eradicating of sins, and expanding of Hasanaat (great deeds). Both the Quran and the ahadith are certain that the individuals who atone truly to Allah, recognizing their wrongdoings, and focus on not return again to those transgressions will have their wrongdoings pardoned. The Prophet PBUH stated: If the hireling recognizes his transgression and apologizes, at that point, Allah acknowledges his contrition.

Practical Steps to Take When You’ve Sinned

Try not to Stress over Waswaas

In view of the above mentioned, in the event that these conditions are met by the individual who is apologizing, at that point there is the expectation that his atonement will be acknowledged, by Allah’s leave. After that, he ought not stress over Waswaas (murmurs) recommending that his atonement isn’t acknowledged, in light of the fact that that is from the Shaytaan and is in opposition to what Allah and His Messenger (harmony and endowments of Allah arrive) have let us know—apology is acknowledged whether it is earnest.

Line up Apology with Great Deeds

I once tuned in to talk and it truly transformed me. The shaykh said that at whatever point we carry out a terrible thing we should try to line it up with however many great deeds as could be expected under the circumstances. You submitted a transgression, so give noble cause, help another person, center around perusing the Quran—anything great. On the off chance that this is your equation throughout everyday life, insha’Allah you will succeed.

Allah says: “Except the individuals who atone and carry out exemplary things, and straightforwardly proclaim (a reality which they hid). These, I will acknowledge their atonement. What’s more, I am the One Who acknowledges contrition, the Most Merciful.”[Quran, 2:160]

So whatever terrible you do, don’t remain down—find a good pace yourself on great deeds!

What will happen in the Hereafter

It might be that your Lord will appease from you your wrongdoings, and concede you into Gardens under which waterways stream (Paradise) the Day that Allaah won’t disfavor the Prophet (Muhammad) and the individuals who accept with him. Their Light will run forward before them and (with their Records Books of deeds) in their correct hands. They will say: ‘Our Lord! Keep ideal our Light for us [and don’t put it off till we traverse the Siraat (a dangerous scaffold over the Hell) safely] and award us absolution. Verily, You can do all the things.” [Quran, 66:8]

At the end let me add a few quotes for my readers from the well-regarded people from the world

“The sun may rise tomorrow but you may not, Repent Today.” Abdul Bary Yahya

“Sins cause harm and repentance removes the cause.” Ibn Taymiyyah

“A single teardrop begging for his forgiveness with sincerity can wipe out your sins. The almighty loves to forgive! Don’t hesitate. Repent.” Mufti Ismail Menk

May Allah SWT show us all the right path and may He help us to stick to it forever. Aameen