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Shab e-Meraj (Isra Night) – 27th of Rajab -Significance in Islam

Shab e Miraj is also famous for the names like Isra and Miraj, Isra’wal Miraj and sometimes Waqia e Miraj as well. It is the 27th day of the month of Rajab in the Islamic calendar. Allah SWT (God) took Prophet Muhammad SAW (spelled as Muhammad or Mohamed sometimes)  on a famous journey from blessed

Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn – A Short Biography Of Her Birth Aniversary In Rajab

Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn was the daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and Rbab bint Imra Al Qais. The birth date of Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn is 20th of Rajab. Brothers Ali Zaynul Abidin Ali Al-Akbar Ali Al-Asghar Sisters Fatimah AS-Sughra Fatimah Al-Kubra (Known as Sakinah as well) Life Journey Of Ruqayyah Bint Al-Hussayn Ruqayyah Bint Al-Hussayn went

Imam Ali (RA)-Birth Aniversary In The Month Of Rajab

Biography of Imam Ali RA- Early Life The Birth of Imam Ali RA-the 4th caliph of Islam is the key event of the month of Rajab. In today’s blog post let us briefly discuss the biography and a few events from the tremendous life of Imam Ali RA. Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s (عَلِيّ ٱبْن أَبِي